Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Herons Glen Golf

Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


Welcome to Herons Glen Golf


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Chelsea Tee Time System


The number one question you might ask about an automated tee time system is "Why is Chelsea the fairest method for booking tee times at Herons Glen?"


Chelsea is the most fair and equitable because it assigns tee time based on players past play history. Points are assigned each time a member plays and the more points the member has the less chance that member has of receiving the requested tee time over a member that has less points.

The person that gets up at 6:30am and starts dialing and redialing to get the same tee time every day, no longer has the advantage over the person that chooses not to awaken at an early hour. A member can call the Chelsea automated tee time system and request a tee time up to 7 days in advance and 4 days prior for that day the tee sheet will be processed.

Chelsea is also available online at http://herglen.chelseareservations.com/ or by using the button at the top of the page.  In the online site you can not only request a tee time but can view player's play history and view upcoming tee sheets.


Member arguments regarding placements and favoritism have no basis. It works simply off of the player(s) play history of the past 14 days. The member questioning his/her placement can look at the points on the play history list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a touch tone phone required?

YES. A phone that has buttons on the phone and not on the handset is preferred.


Why does the phone system hang up on me while I am making a request?

The system will automatically disconnect when call waiting is activated or after 30 seconds of inactivity.


When is the best time to call the Chelsea Tee Time System?

The morning (8:00am-10:30am) and later evenings are usually the best time. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with the exception from 3:00pm- 4:00pm every day for golf shop processing.


We have 2 or more foursomes (linking) that would like to play together, is that possible?

The computer will allow you to link starting times together, however be aware that Chelsea will use the 14 day play history of all players in the group when ranking and assigning times for the requested day. You may link up to 10 foursomes. You may also allow Chelsea to break the link if it can not place all of the groups within 120 minutes of requested start time. This question is answered while booking the times.


Is linking permitted year around?

NO. As per club policy, linking of groups is not permitted from January 1st through April 15th of each year.


What if we decide to play and tee times have already been processed for the day?

After the days tee sheet has been processed, you must call the golf shop directly for any requests. Resident non golf members of Herons Glen may make tee times up to 3 days in advance, public 2 days in advance by calling the golf shop directly.


What is the play history based on?

A players play history is based on the actual number of rounds each golfer has played from the 14 days prior of when the tee sheet is processed.


When are Chelsea Tee Sheets processed?

Tee Sheets are processed on the following days. Remember after 3pm four days out, all requests will have to be made directly to the golf shop.


Sundays tee sheet is processed on Thursday @ 8am

Mondays tee sheet is processed on Friday @ 8am

Tuesdays tee sheet is processed on Saturday @ 8am

Wednesdays tee sheet is processed on Sunday @ 8am

Thursday tee sheet is processed on Monday @ 8am

Fridays tee sheet is processed on Tuesday @ 8am

Saturdays tee sheet is processed on Wednesday @ 8am

Please note, normal signup deadlines for Men’s and Ladies leagues are as follows:

Men’s Day (Tuesday) = Friday @ 3:00pm

Ladies Day (Wednesday) = Saturday @ 3:00pm


*****PLEASE NOTE*****
If you are making a tee time request on a day when “crossover��������������� tee times are utilized, please note. Any request made for 9:23 or before will place you in the morning wave of crossover tee times which runs from 7:30 a.m. until 9:23 a.m. If you put in a tee time request for 9:30a.m. or later, it will place you in the second wave of crossover tee times which runs from 11:45 a.m. until 1:37 p.m.


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