GM UPDATE – February 19, 2021
Friday-02-19-2021- @ 21:28
Weather permitting, West Coast Turf will spray the first herbicide application to the golf course on Monday, February 22nd. The course will be closed all day and absolutely no entry will be allowed. (The restaurant will also be closed Monday.)

West Coast Turf employs licensed spray technicians who follow all
manufacturer’s label instructions, including strict adherence to wind advisories, EPA regulations and guidelines. They have extensive golf course experience in the S.W. Florida area, including the recent spray outs at Gulf
Harbor, The Club at Renaissance, and Collier’s Reserve. West Coast will not spray if the wind exceeds certain levels. Approximately a week after the first spray application the grass will become noticeably yellow but will remain playable up until the April 5th shutdown.

Current Spray Schedule: (Dates Subject to Change)
· February 22nd – 1st application on Tees, fairways & rough
· March 8th – 2nd application on tees, fairways & rough; 1st application to greens
· March 19th – Final application on tees, fairways & rough; Final application to greens
Board of Supervisors Election
Friday-02-19-2021- @ 16:51
The HGRD’s District Counsel received Candidate Qualifying Papers from two residents seeking election/re-election to the two openings on the HGRD Board of Supervisors. Therefore, there will not be a typical Board election held this year for the upcoming term of three years commencing April 1, 2021. The two seats have been filled and Meet the Candidates has been canceled.

Congratulations to Jayne Schwarz and Peter Overs as they fill the two open Board seats. A special thank you goes to Jayne, for her continued service and to Peter, for his commitment to the District. Their participation at the Board level is essential to growth at Herons Glen.
GM UPDATE – January 20, 2021
Wednesday-01-27-2021- @ 13:37
The Recreation District was notified yesterday that a part-time employee in the restaurant tested positive for Covid on Monday, January 18th. The staff member worked in the restaurant Friday, January 15th from 4pm-7pm; Saturday, January 16th from 4pm-7pm; and Sunday, January 17th from 11am-1pm. The person had limited contact with the residents and was wearing a face covering at all times.

Again, due to privacy laws, we are unable to disclose the name of the individual but recommend residents, who may have been exposed, to monitor their symptoms and consider getting tested after the incubation period.

The food and beverage staff continues to submit to temperature checks prior to working their shift. In addition, an extra air purification system with HEPA filters has been added to the restaurant.

On another note, last week I reached out to the office of our county commissioner, Brian Hamman who met with John Bock and I back in 2019. I wanted to find out if his office could help us be considered as a potential vaccination site. The following is his office’s response: “The Florida Department of Health is looking into all available distribution options allowable now and in the future, so I’m glad they took your information. The county is also looking into every available option, however certain limitations like supply, staffing, public access, federal and state guidelines, etc. can limit location selection. I’m confident the FDOH will contact you if future guidelines allow for Herons Glen to be a site.”

We appreciate your compliance in following the District’s established Covid protocols for the amenity use in the Herons Glen.
Important POOL update 9-18-20
Friday-09-18-2020- @ 11:47
The Lee County Health Department is sending an inspector over to remove the “Pool Closed” signs sometime today so we can re-open. Unfortunately, we can’t take the signs down ourselves but we’ll send another email out when they arrive to meet Dan.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

JB Belknap
General Manager
Pool Closed Today 9-17-20
Thursday-09-17-2020- @ 10:39
Unfortunately, the Pool will be Closed today due to permitting issues with Jackson Pools and the County.

The pool construction end of Jackson Pools went out of business during our pool construction last year and because of that, left behind a wake of
paperwork issues. Dan has made significant progress to resolve the permitting issues working with the County and Health Department. Regrettably, today the Health Department decided to force us to close the pool until a resolution can be reached.

I’ve been in contact with our attorney, Tom Hart and we are working diligently to resolve the situation and will open the pool as soon as we

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you updated.

JB Belknap
General Manager
Pool Closure
Friday-08-14-2020- @ 15:58
Due to a chemical imbalance in the swimming pool, we will be performing pool maintenance which will require us to close the pool on Thursday to remove a portion of the water. On Friday, the pool will be refilled and we expect to have the pool up and ready for use by Noon.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we perform this unexpected maintenance work.

Thank you,
Dan Parker
Clubhouse Maintenance Superintendent
Restaurant Re-opening Friday, August 7th
Friday-08-07-2020- @ 10:51
Dear Residents,

After careful consideration, in addition to the “Take Out” option, the restaurant will re-open for table service (lunch and dinner) at 25% capacity beginning Friday, August 7th. The Bar will remain closed but outside dining will be available poolside on the deck until 8pm.

Our Staff will implement the same precautionary measures that were in place prior to our most recent closing including:
•Wearing face shields/masks;
•Receiving temperature checks prior to their shifts;
•Frequently washing hands;
•Sanitizing tables & chairs;
•Separating tables to account for the 25% capacity limit.

Residents will also be required to:
•Make dinner reservations;
•Wear masks when entering and exiting the restaurant for both take out pick up or in-house dining. Obviously, masks can be removed while dining. Disposable masks are available at the hostess stand if someone forgets theirs;
•Maintain safe social distancing from others who do not live with you.

Following these protocols is essential to a successful reopening and we thank you for your adherence to them.

Thank you,
JB Belknap
General Manager
GM Update May 28th
Saturday-05-30-2020- @ 14:36
Fitness Center

The leak that occurred at the fitness center parking lot has been repaired. The fitness center will re-open tomorrow (Friday) morning for normal business hours. The northwest side of the golf cart parking lot will remain closed until the asphalt company can return to resurface the affected area. A notification will be sent out once a resurfacing date has been established.

HGRD Activities

Various Herons Glen activities that have not been reopened yet due to COVID concerns are currently being reviewed by the Board of Supervisors and management. Email notifications will continue to be sent out as more updates become available.

Refuse in HGRD Property

Dan has informed me that some of our residents are placing their personal trash bags into HGRD trash cans and dumpsters. As you can imagine, refuse bags containing food that are left on District property overnight presents a number of problems for our staff. Joyce and I will be working together to address the situation and will have further updates regarding this issue.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap
General Manager
GM Update
Friday-05-29-2020- @ 06:21
Fitness Center Pipe Break
Yesterday afternoon there was a sewer main break at the fitness center. FGUA is currently on site to identify the location of the break as well as clean up. Accordingly, they had trucks going to the various lift stations throughout the community last evening for pump outs if necessary. However, their job is to remain on property until the break is repaired. Right now FGUA is cautiously optimistic that they have identified and can fix the leak in a timely manner but, the fitness center will be closed temporarily until further notice.

Library Hours
Thank you to our library volunteers for helping with the book exchanges. We are modifying the library hours based on their recommendation: Monday’s: 1 PM to 2 PM; Wednesday’s & Friday’s 10 AM to 11 AM.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap
General Manager
Extended Pool Hours
Friday-05-22-2020- @ 10:48
After monitoring the pool chemical levels over the past several days, we’ve decided to return to our normal summer pool closing time of 8PM.

Thank you for your patience.

J.B. Belknap
General Manager

GM Update May 19th
Friday-05-22-2020- @ 06:54
Florida has approved the reopening of gyms along with restaurants operating at 50 percent indoor capacity. According to the Governor, gyms can operate as long as they practice safe social distancing and machines are sanitized following use. The Board of Supervisors and Management met on Monday and are taking sequential steps in our reopening plan which will be modified as required. After careful analysis, here is the latest:

Fitness Center:
Per the Governor’s guidance, the Herons Glen Fitness Center will reopen Thursday, May 21st as long as safe social distancing is being practiced and machines are sanitized after use. The current Fitness Center Rules are in effect along with the following protocols:

•No more than 15 people will be allowed in the fitness center at one time in order to keep proper distancing. Every other treadmill and stationary bike will be closed. Residents must endeavor to keep proper distancing between themselves and others.
•Hours of Operation: Daily 6AM-10PM. Closed Noon-2PM on Wednesdays for cleaning. (These hours may be amended at the discretion of management.)
•If other residents are waiting, residents will limit their workouts to ½ hour. If a waiting line forms, residents will line up at least 6’ apart.
•All equipment and touch points must be wiped down and cleaned before and after each use, including free weights.
•Sanitizing: the housekeeping crew will be diligent in sanitizing the equipment but the responsibility lies with the individual user to sanitize before and after use. Wash hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
•Towels will not be provided. Residents must bring their own.
•Staff will be observing in-person from time to time and will utilize cameras to monitor capacity and distancing requirements. Noncompliance of these protocols may result in suspension of service.

Ballroom Dine-In:


On Saturday, May 23rd, the Ballroom will be open for sit down and dine-in service during lunch and dinner hours. (See schedule below). The ballroom provides a more open space with better ventilation. We will allow 25% indoor capacity (up to 50 max. at a time) with proper Physical Distancing of at least 6’ unless residing in the same household. The restaurant and lounge areas will remain closed.

•Service Staff protocols include wearing gloves and masks on the floor. Tables and Chairs will be sanitized after each sitting. No linen on the table & single use menus.
•Rolled silverware and normal plates will be used during dinner. Trays will be utilized to reduce touch points. Table butcher paper identical to what they use at Romano's Macaroni Grill Italian Restaurant will be placed on the tables for each sitting.
•Dinner reservations are required by calling 239-731-4545.
•The Ballroom Bar will be open to serve alcohol so as to keep the staff in close proximity of the patrons. Full bar service with draft beer available.
•The Ballroom Grills will remain open for lunch service 11:30-3:00pm Wednesday-Saturday.

F&B Schedule
•Tuesday-Lunch Only Hot Dogs & Deli Sandwiches served in Ballroom. 11:30-4:00pm.
•Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: Lunch: Ballroom Grille: 11:30-3:00. Dinner-5:00-7:00 in Ballroom by Reservation Only
•Sunday: Lunch from the kitchen in Ballroom 11:30-4:00pm.
Take-Out is still available. These procedures will not change.

Dan and the Housekeeping crew will be spraying a new, no rinse product called Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution around the club, restaurant, restrooms, pool area once we open that as well. Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution is a 1-step cleaner that kills Coronavirus in just 1 minute & Norovirus in 4 minutes. It is effective on food safe surfaces and sanitizes in 2 minutes eliminating 99.9% of most Allergens upon contact.

Swimming Pool:
As an addendum to Water Activities, Zumba will also resume Tuesdays and Thursdays. Again, to avoid “gathering”, water activities will be limited to no more than 10 residents maintaining at least 6’ of social distancing. Times will be reviewed as required.

HGRD Staff
Needless to say, 2020 has been a challenge for all of us so far. For their safety and yours, the HGRD administrative staff has been working from home. Believe me, from my continuous daily correspondence with them remotely, they are working diligently even though they would rather be here at the club.

As I’ve stated in earlier updates, we are juggling COVID issues, bond and project matters, committee meetings, etc. and while I appreciate your feedback, due to the overwhelming volume of emails and phone messages, I’ve been unable to respond back to many of you in a timely manner. I will endeavor to answer each of you as time allows and have communicated many of your reactions to the Board.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap
General Manager
COVID-19 Update May 14th
Sunday-05-17-2020- @ 04:50
Pool Reopening Plan

As we’ve stated previously, the board and management have attempted to take a measured approach regarding reopening of our facilities and amenities.

After careful analysis, the pool and spa will reopen Monday, May 18th under the following conditions:

Social distancing guidelines are in effect

•Social Distancing Capacity- A limit of 35 people will be allowed inside the pool area at one time on a “First come, first serve basis.” If you choose to wait for someone to leave the pool so you can enter, you must utilize the table areas in the stone garden area and maintain social distancing while waiting. Lowering the number of people allowed at the pool area will make it possible (and more likely) for people to maintain minimum 6 ft. distancing. Signage will be posted with the maximum number allowed in the pool and social distancing guidelines.

•Pool Maximum: A Maximum of 15 people out of the 35 people will be allowed in the pool water at one time. A maximum of 2 will be allowed in the Spa. Swimmers must maintain Social Distancing in the Pool unless residing in the same household.

•Pool Furniture: Lounge chairs will be available along with several others outside the deck for those who want to sunbathe. All chairs will be spread out at least 6’ apart. Chairs cannot be moved. Residents are prohibited from bringing their own furniture and food. Tables & chairs have also been placed underneath the awning and on the deck with umbrellas. If you are a family living together and move a table or chair you must return it when you are done.

•Disinfecting: Sanitizing spray bottles will be placed in strategic locations along with rolled paper towels. Similar to fitness centers, it will be the responsibility of the individual resident to wipe down the chairs/tables before and after use. Do not take the spray bottles outside of the gates. All tables, chairs, rails, shower area and gates will be disinfected each morning prior to use.

•The pool water is constantly being disinfected by chlorine. Due to CDC guidelines, multiple tests must be performed each day to ensure the chemical ranges are at the high end. The pool area will close at 4PM due to water testing requirements.

•Water Activities: To avoid “gathering”, water aerobics will be limited to no more than 10 residents maintaining at least 6’ of social distancing from 9-10AM Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Times will be reviewed as required.

•If demand dictates, please limit your pool visits to 1-Hour per day so others can enjoy the pool area as well.

•Guest Rules: To help ensure the safety of our residents in the pool area, Guests must have quarantined in Herons Glen at least 14 days prior to using the pool.

•Swim breaks (pool closures) may be ordered by management if chemical levels become unsuitable or social distancing is not properly practiced.

•Residents may enter and exit through the main gate closest to the lobby. Also, you must utilize the main walk-in area in the shallow end of the pool to enter and exit rather than using the ladders.

•Hours of Operation: 8AM-4PM daily, except on Thursday when the pool will open at 11AM. NOTE: 8:00-9:00 AM will be reserved for Lap swimming only.

•As a reminder, cameras are in use to monitor activity. Management and the Board reserve the right to enforce, modify or eliminate these rules and hours of operation at their sole discretion.

Tim will again be turning the cups upside down instead having the cup liner above the surface of the putting green. The ball will be deemed holed when the ball is in the cup leaning against the flagstick. We ask that you avoid touching the flagstick.

Saturday, May 16th will be our last Farmers Market in May. Jason will have a Farmers Market once a month in June and July on the last Saturday of each month. We look forward to seeing you at 9:30 on Saturday.

J.B. Belknap
General Manager
GM Report
Sunday-05-10-2020- @ 03:42
Thank you for sharing your feedback, good and bad, on a multitude of issues including the facilities and amenities reopening. As you can imagine, suggestions and opinions vary greatly as to what and when facilities should be open. Based on the overwhelming volume of emails and phone messages I’ve received, it will be difficult to respond in a timely manner to each of you, but I will read and listen to all of them in order to better inform our Board. As I’ve said before, all of us are frustrated but I can assure you that your Board and Management team are looking carefully at all of the options and will be flexible to alter course as required.

With that said, we are actively looking at other clubs and gathering information regarding “best practices” related to reopening the swimming pool, restaurant and fitness center. Again, every club has different challenges, but most are in the same boat as we are.

Swimming Pool Awning
The swimming pool awning repair will be completed by the end of the week or early next week. As you recall, the previous awning had several exposed holes due to its age and was completely destroyed by the microburst we had a few months ago. Thank you to Dan Parker for his diligence in securing the repair.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers. Along with the new grill menu, Jason and his staff will be offering a Sunday Mother’s Day Lunch Special – Crab Cake Sandwich with caper remoulade and choice of side for $10.95 from 11:30am to 4:00pm. Thank you to all of our mothers and we hope to see you this Sunday!

J.B. Belknap
General Manager
COVID-19 Update May 6th
Saturday-05-09-2020- @ 04:04
Both Tim and Rich have been experiencing irrigation leaks and line breaks on the golf course and with CLIS. The golf course staff had to repair one leak on Monday, three on Tuesday and one again today, all on the Front 9. Note: All play on the golf course tomorrow will begin on the back 9 so the crew can continue to water the front 9 in the morning.

Rich said the CLIS department had to shut down the front pumps this morning due to two main-line breaks on the Avenue, one behind 2480 Valparaiso the other behind 2690 Via Presidio. He called for locates this morning but unfortunately the pumps will be off until further notice. These issues couldn’t come at worse time. Three staff members are at home with COVID concerns and a drought that has us under severe water restrictions, consequently we are only able to water yards once a week. Tim will be lending staff from his golf course crew to CLIS in order to supply Rich with more resources. I’ve also been in contact with Joyce regarding the current situation. Needless to say, we could use a good rain.

I receive numerous emails and phone calls each day asking when many of our facilities and amenities will be reopening. The Board of Supervisors met today and decided to defer reopening the restaurant and other facilities until more information can be gathered as it relates to the virus. I appreciate those of you who have emailed me information from other area clubs. Although each community in the area is different, I’ve been on the phone with many of these clubs talking with them and obtaining information. They all seem to be in the same predicament we are in.

The Board is well aware that you are anxious to get back to some semblance of normalcy, however stopping the spread of the virus and the health of the community remains at the forefront of any decision making.

Thank you and all of us appreciate your consideration as we work through this crisis.

J.B. Belknap
General Manager
Golfers Covid-19 Social Distancing Reminder
Sunday-05-03-2020- @ 07:10
Message from GM to Residents and Non-Resident Golf Members

We would first like to commend the vast majority of our golfing members who have been responsible in Socially Distance themselves on the course and reminding fellow playing partners to do the same. The golf course has certainly provided a respite from the COVID tedium and we appreciate your continued efforts and diligence.

Unfortunately, we have had reports that some golfers are disregarding the Social Distancing directive from the Board of Supervisors issued on April 15th. Reported violations include:

•Golf carts parked immediately next to one another less than 6’ apart.
•Golfers standing next to one another or leaning into someone else’s cart to talk less than 6’ apart.
•Approaching the starter shack and engaging in conversation with the starter closer than 6’.
•Players standing on the greens & tees less than 6’ apart.

Most of these violations are accidental and not done intentionally to put others at risk or to violate rules regarding use of the golf course. If someone in your group is failing to maintain proper Social Distancing, please remind them to keep a safe distance so everyone can continue to enjoy golf.

Additionally, we would like to remind the residents and their guest of the following District rules:

•No activities other than golf are permitted on the Golf Course at any time.
•Jogging, bicycling, or walking are not permitted on the Golf Course or course cart paths at any time.
•Anyone operating a golf cart within the Herons Glen Recreation District, including on the Golf Course, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or have a valid automobile driver’s license.
•Please remind guests of our fishing policy that you must utilize an area of the lake that does not boarder the golf course.

Thank you again for your vigilance and stay safe.
Golfers Notice
Friday-04-17-2020- @ 06:35
From Herons Glen Board of Supervisors


Your Board of Supervisors is under pressure to CLOSE the course. There is widespread disregard of the HGRD policy concerning social distancing (6’ between people). Violations are occurring:
* On the tee areas
* On the greens
* Congregating to review scores, especially coming off the 18th green

If Board Members, Rangers, Golf Staff or Residents see continued widespread violations of the policy concerning Social Distancing;

Motion of the Herons Glen Board of Supervisors April 14, 2020
Friday-04-17-2020- @ 00:32
From Herons Glen Board of Supervisors

Resolved, that all activity occurring on Herons Glen Recreational District Property be in strict compliance with CDC guidelines, especially those dealing with physical separation of participants. This motion applies to, but is not limited to, the:

•Golf course;
•Tennis courts;
•Pickle-ball courts;
•Bocce courts;
•Shuffleboard courts;
•Golf cart paths leading to and from each hole on the golf course.

The motion does not apply to spouses or partners living in the same household and riding in the same golf cart.

Continued violations of these rules, especially the distancing rule, will result in the Board of Supervisors closing the amenity involved to all participants for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Supervisors. Disregard for these rules on HGRD property, including Clubhouse grounds, will also be a basis for the Board cordoning off the areas where the rules are being disregarded
COVID-19 Update April 9th
Sunday-04-12-2020- @ 00:41
From J.B. Belknap, General Manager

Following up on yesterday’s email notification regarding the confirmed COVID-19 case and the subsequent replies, there are various HIPAA laws regarding confidentiality which prohibit the Recreation District from divulging certain forms of personal information. Per Joyce’s HOA email last night, the resident did approve this communication:

“Both were at home for the past two weeks with all supplies needed after they went to Publix for groceries the early part of the week before last. They were not out of the home since from that point, no take out or deliveries. This past Sunday when the wife became ill they did go to their physicians care center where she was diagnosed with Pneumonia and transferred to the hospital. The hospital tested her for COVID-19, which came back positive. The husband has been tested and is at home self-quarantined waiting for the results.”

In conjunction with the HOA, the HGRD Board of Supervisors, the HGRD attorney, and management will continue to meet and discuss “next steps” as it relates to Herons Glen. Key messaging mantras continue to be: Social Distancing-targeting a reduction in person-to-person contact, wash hands, wearing masks in public, and “Safer at Home”. This messaging emphasizes individual responsibility and personal-level actions.

Dr. Carolyn Bowles:
Supervisor Mary Ann Polvinen and I had the pleasure of meeting with resident, Dr. Carolyn Bowles who provided us with invaluable information based on her experience as a doctor who is carefully following COVID-19. She stated that in some studies, “30 – 50% of persons with COVID are ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIERS. Thus, every time you are talking to someone in person, you could be exposed to a carrier. There is not adequate testing to identify those people and so one could assume that everyone could be a carrier. “

Please click on the following Video Links Dr. Bowles recommends for hand washing and protecting yourself.

Also, below are Dr. Bowles’ suggestions to limit the spread of COVID 19:
•Carry a mask with you around your neck and wear it when around anyone outside those you live with.
•When anyone in the Glen approaches you to say hello or talk, put your mask on and maintain a distance of AT A MINIMUM OF 6 FEET (some say the distance should be even more, for example if the wind is blowing).
•Avoid anyone coming into your home, especially from the outside. This includes cleaning people, delivery people, etc. All deliveries should be left outside and then washed off before bring anything into the house. Only absolutely emergency services should come into the home. If they have to come in do not get near them and clean every surface they touch with Lysol or similar product with gloves on.
•Limit trips out of the Glen. For example, use a pharmacy with a drive up window so you do not have to contact anyone in a store. Have your groceries delivered.
•Avoid being in groups with more than 10 people.
•If one has to meet in driveways to have some social contact, have all wear masks and stay at least 10 feet apart. If someone does “not believe” in those rules, then avoid contact with them.

Thank You!
According to the CDC, face coverings may slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. Resident Linda Nickerson has spearheaded an effort throughout Herons Glen to make facemasks and provide them to residents and staff, even taking donations to further help the Herons Glen hourly food and beverage staff. A big thank you to coordinator, Linda Nickerson, seamstresses, Andrea Mead, Kris Trovotore, Dr. Carolyn Bowles, Debra Gluszczak, Carol Bryan, Shirley Schmidt, Karen Coburn, Nancy Liebner, Jan Slater, Marianne McLean, Andrea Mead, Michelle Shields, Cheryl Braunscheidel, Helen Graziano, Cindy Lundberg, Carol Urtz, Gay McCoy, Fran Mecsko, Nancy Odom, Lisa Dumais, and Linda Nickerson.

Thank you also to Dan Liebner, Kathleen Colletti, Michelle Shield and Laura Rosen for their assists with ironing, Thank you to Zenon Gluszczak, Pam Reed, Jenny Stone, Barb Callaghan, Arlene Scherl, Diane Green, Nancy and Craig Ebersole, Pat Roth, Judy and Phil Griffith, Karen Jensen, Karen Wills, and Margie Luttrell for cutting and sewing the hepa filters. And finally, thanks to Dennis Nickerson and his dog, Finnigan for delivery of the masks. Thank you to all!

Golf: Following up with John Abbott’s email, with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the neighborhood, we will be making a couple of changes to our golf operation in order to help safeguard the entire community. First, the cups have been raised again above the height of the hole. Many people have been using the flagstick to brace themselves when getting their ball out of the hole so this will remove one more touch point. This means that until we are able to drop the cups back down, your scores are not postable. Secondly, we have decided not to allow any outside guests to enter into the community to play golf. Eligible golfers include: Resident members and any guests, who are staying with them in Herons Glen, Non-Resident Members & Resident Non-Members. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but feel these temporary modifications are in the best interest of Herons Glen. Please stay safe and healthy!

EASTER TAKE OUT: To help mitigate the spread of COVID- 19, the Food & Beverage Staff will be utilizing the Ballroom entrance location for all Easter pick up orders this Sunday. Please use the main parking lot near the tennis courts and we will call your name over a loud speaker for pick-up. This will ensure proper Social Distancing and safe food pick up. If you are ordering for pick up without a pre-order reservation, please go to the main entrance doors for the restaurant to place your order.
•Jason has also been working with one of our vendors, Stan’s Coffee & Food Service to secure a list of products available to our residents via home delivery. Although the list contains mostly dry goods along with canned goods and coffee, Stan’s does offer Toilet Paper! They will deliver to our residents on Wednesdays and Fridays. Payments can be made the phone via credit card. Please see below for further instructions.
Thank you Jason!

•Wednesday & Friday Deliveries
•Open Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm
•Call Ahead at (239) 369-5200. Allow 1 hour for order to be pulled.
•Cash or Credit Card - No Checks.
•Go to for complete order guide.

COVID-19 Update April 8th
Friday-04-10-2020- @ 04:44
Dear Residents,

The District recently learned that there has been a confirmed COVID-19 case in the community. This event underscores the fact that CDC Guidelines must be followed when residents are on HGRD property in order to protect one another. Social Distancing and hand washing remain the cornerstones to slowing the spread. The CDC also recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies).

Again, please know your safety and well-being is our first priority and we will be prepared to react to any new information coming from the CDC.

Thank you.

J.B. Belknap, General Manager
COVID-19 Update for April 2nd  Stay-at Home-Order
Saturday-04-04-2020- @ 20:58
From J.B. Belknap, General Manager

Dear Residents,

Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an Executive Order requiring Florida Residents to take extra precautions during the COVID-19 crisis with a "Stay at Home" order. The EO takes effect on April 3 at 12:01 a.m. and requires that all persons in Florida limit their movements and personal interactions outside of their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities until April 30.

The HGRD Restaurant’s “To Go” and Delivery Service along with the Golf Course have been deemed “essential” activities as long as proper social distancing is maintained per the State guidelines (at least 6’). Per confirmation through the Governor’s Office, the North Florida PGA validated golf as essential regarding “participating in recreational activities consistent with social distancing guidelines.”

Section 1 of the order also refers to “Safer at Home” which states, “Senior citizens and individuals with a significant underlying medical condition shall stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19.”

While we are allowed to continue food service and golf, safety precautions will be intensified and additional temporary rules may be put into effect, if necessary, to keep you safe. We respectfully ask that EVERYONE follow the guidelines in place so the golf course, as well as the tennis and pickleball courts can remain open during this very difficult time.

Golf Course Rules:
•Avoid touching the flagstick or someone else’s equipment;
•Keep a minimum 6’ distance between players and staff members, including starters;
•Do not gather after golf. A “To-Go” lunch will be available following your round however, “grouping” of more than 10 people in the lunch area or on HGRD property is prohibited;
•Our limited staff is doing their best to sanitize the club’s carts, but we encourage you to bring other means of sanitation if you feel compelled to do so;
•According to John, available golf staff has been challenging not only with starters and rangers, but also in the golf shop. With the pro shop closed, phone calls will now be answered between the hours of 7am to 2pm daily. Outside staff will be here for the range and golf course until 5:00pm each day;
•Based on the number of golf carts on the course, we respectfully ask that you keep carts a safe distance from the greens with all four tires on the cart path around tees and greens to avoid wear areas. Keeping carts off the turf as much as possible is even more important now that Tim just received word from FGUA that the effluent water used to irrigate the golf course will be severely limited due the current drought. Tim has been applying wetting agents the past several weeks to mitigate “hot spots” around the course.

Everyone's safety remains our primary concern and your assistance is abundantly important. While the State of Florida is allowing us to remain open, please be advised the HGRD Board reserves the right to close all or certain amenities, at its sole discretion, regardless of State mandate. Again, please know your safety and well-being is our first priority.

Thank you.