Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Herons Glen HGRD

Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to theHGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


Welcome to the HGRD


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Background of the Herons Glen Recreation District



The Herons Glen Recreation District (the "District") was officially established April 28, 1998 as an independent special district by Lee County Ordinance No. 98-08 and amended by Ordinance No. 98-18. These ordinances established a charter and created the HGRD under Chapter 418, Part II, Florida Statutes. The purpose of the District is to finance, acquire, plan, improve, operate, maintain and manage recreational facilities within the District. The District is located in Lee County. The boundaries of the District are set forth in the Charter.


District Governing Body.


The District is governed by a five (5) member Board of Supervisors (the "Board") elected by the property owners to serve on staggered three year terms. The charter was amended to change the start time of newly elected Supervisors. Elections are held in March, and the new terms commence the following April 1st, rather than June 1st as previously approved.  Members of the Board serve without compensation.


District Fiscal Year.


As a governmental body, The District follows the prescribed government fiscal year which runs from Octobr 1 through September 30.


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