The Herons Glen Recreation District is responsible for the recreational facilities in the community including the clubhouse, the restaurant and ballroom, the fitness center, the outdoor courts, and the golf course.

Loraine Ellis Vienne, CCM

General Manager/COO
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from the desk of the General Manager...

Attention Heron Glen Residents!
Effective Saturday, February 18, 2017 the Fitness Center building will be CLOSED indefinitely due to structural concerns and for the safety of our Residents.

Last week, I sent out an email to you explaining that we had some serious concerns with the structural integrity of the floor at the Fitness Center. We closed the back half of the building last Monday to begin an investigation. Upon doing our due diligence we discovered that the structural integrity has been severely compromised. Today, it became immediately apparent that we needed to close the building for the safety of our residents.
-- This will be Effective Immediately!

The Fitness Center will be temporarily relocated to the Main Clubhouse Lobby and
re-open tentatively on
March 1st, 2017!
We are currently working through the logistics of moving and relocating the Current Fitness Center and its equipment, so that the needs of our membership have as little disruption as possible. 
  • Physical Therapy offices will re-open on Monday, February 20, 2017 in the current HGRD Boardroom located off the Breezeway.
  • We will be able to relocate most of the fitness equipment with the exception of a few pieces and the free weights. (due to the tile floors we will not be able to accommodate their use here)
  • Electricity to accommodate the Treadmills will be installed beginning this Monday. We will be installing Rubber Floor Mat to protect the tile floor of the Lobby next week as well to go under the equipment and prevent vibration.
  • Movers are scheduled for next Friday, February 24th,  to begin to disassemble the equipment, in the closed building and move it to the Lobby and reassemble it in its new place.
  • There is no determination at this point as to how long we will be in the lobby. This is the best immediate solution.

Fitness Center
Building Evaluation
Once the monumental task  of relocating the Fitness Center to the Lobby is complete; we will begin discussions on the integrity of the current building. We are currently gathering bids and consulting with Structural Engineers and Contractors to complete our evaluation and make an informed decision in the future. There is much information to obtain and many options to discuss. This will not be a problem that can be solved overnight. Please be patient while we determine our best options.

We will keep you informed as the process moves along. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 239-731-4569 or

Best Regards,