Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Golf and Country Club

Fitness Center

Fitness Center Update

  • Drywall and stucco will be driving the building portion during the next two weeks.
  • Site work continues beyond the next two weeks. The pipe relocation begins this week, followed by the new entry, parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Crowther Roofing is going to load the roof tile on June 25th. Roof tile installation will immediately follow.
  • Tier Electric will provide pricing to provide a temporary generator in the event that LCEC fails to provide a transformer in a timely manner, however LCEC received an easement from the District last Friday.
  • Crowther Mechanical is to have A/C operational prior to an extended weekend for the 4th of July.
Two-Week “Look Ahead”
Week of June 10th:
  • Continue site work and underground plumbing-through next week
  • Install ceiling and wall insulation
  • Inspect insulation-Lee Co
  • Continue Stucco-through next week
  • Install MDP panels in electric room
  • Begin hanging drywall/finish ceiling walls (next 2 weeks)
Friday: Deliver, stock and install roof tile
Week of June 17th:  
Monday:  Secondary service to transformer

Tuesday: Connect secondary to generator

Friday: Deliver and install HVAC equipment
1st week of July: Install aluminum soffit and floor ti

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Various photos and videos are being posted to the website as well as linked to the Fitness Center Updates in order to improve our messaging to residents.

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap, General Manager


*Note: This schedule is subject to change.