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Fitness Center Update


Site Work:
WPM has completed the concrete grading and curbing, and this morning started the base asphalt paving for the parking lot which will be completed today. (see below pictures)

In addition, Maastricht engineering has sent all of the required documents to FGUA and, while we still await FGUA’s permit approval to cut and relocate the pipes, this first layer of asphalt will trigger the following:
  • Temporary handicap striping and signage will be scheduled for installation this week.
  • Irrigation and landscaping operations to commence by weeks end and be completed early next week.
  • Punch list:  A punch list of items has been given to GATES by the project manager. The list will be completed and ready for the PM to review and sign off by November 22nd
As we have stated prior, because we didn’t want WPM to pull off the job, they were authorized to backfill the exposed holes with subgrade material and pave over it with the base coat of asphalt. Then, when we do receive authorization from FGUA to cut and reconnect the lines, WPM will return to dig out the holes, reconnect the lines, and backfill the areas prior to the entire parking lot receiving a final (finish) coat of asphalt and striping.  Connection point data has been collected for future WPM reference related to saw cutting, excavation and making final connections.
The HGRD building committee, including Don Misener and John Cowgill, the Project Manager, MK Architecture and GATES Construction meets every Wednesday morning to discuss the details of the project.  Again, the goal is to have the County perform a site inspection as soon as possible in an effort to obtain a temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the building. 

Please check your email and the Tuesday newsletter for additional updates.
J.B. Belknap, General Manager

Thank you,
J.B. Belknap, General Manager


*Note: This schedule is subject to change.