Herons Glen

Located in North Fort Myers, Florida

Golf and Country Club

Fitness Center

Notes from the GM

April 15th


Below is the 2-week “Look Ahead” schedule for the fitness center according to Gates Construction Superintendent, Bob Fike:


Week of April 15th
  • Monday: Receive compaction test results. Begin underground electric work which will last approximately two weeks.
  • Tuesday: Surveyors will measure and mark the corners of the building to determine exact locations. Concrete contractor will begin building the corners. Layout of underground piping will begin.
  • Wednesday: Concrete contractor will layout the footings.
  • Thursday-Friday: Concrete contractor will excavate and lay steel for the footings. (Footings are made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling.)


Week of April 22nd
  • Monday: Lee County to inspection footing steel.
  • Tuesday: Pour concrete for footings.
  • Wednesday-Friday: Receive cement block. Masons will begin to lay block for stem walls, which are walls on a concrete foundation supporting walls that join the foundation of a building to the vertical walls of the structure that is constructed atop the foundation. Under slab plumbing to begin.


*Note: This schedule is subject to change.

Thank you, J.B. Belknap, General Manager



Following up on yesterday’s email update regarding the Fitness Center area, we have a few more updates: Due to the fitness center site work, the water and power have been disconnected to the pickleball courts. Dan and John will be coordinating to provide a water cooler by the courts for hydration. However, we strongly suggest players bring their own water or sports drinks. The portable toilet will have to be moved closer to the road in order for the truck to get close enough to empty it. We realize this is an inconvenience to players and we appreciate your understanding. As a reminder, cars cannot be parked on the road. We are asking players to seek other means of transportation if they normally drive their cars to the pickleball courts.



Great News! The Site Development permit for the Fitness Center Project was approved last Friday paving the way for the building permit and allowing Gates Construction to commence with the work! The Notice of Commencement has been signed and recorded with Lee County.


The silt fence is up and Gates Construction is currently clearing the site. Over the next several days, you will see various pieces of equipment being mobilized for the initial site work. Dan has created a temporary path behind #10 green for the pickleball players. Once the site work is completed in about 4 weeks, the path will be moved further east and away from the green.


We ask both golfers and pickleball players to be courteous to each other as we go through the construction. Pickleball players riding to and from the courts should stop while golfers are putting and golfers should wait to hit their approach shots to the green until pickleball carts have passed. The silt fencing is on the out of bounds side of the white OB stakes behind the green so the fence shouldn’t interfere with play. If any future fencing impedes play on the golf course, we will notify the golfers and make the necessary arrangements for a drop area.


Safety is our #1 priority, and we have told Gates Construction that residents will not be allowed on the worksite without authorization. Bob Fike, the Gates superintendent will monitor safety concerns and has the authority to control the site area.


The Building committee will be meeting with both Lotus field personnel and Gates representatives on a regular basis to review schedules and deliverables. We will provide weekly updates to the residents as the project progresses.